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Braid Bling & String

Accent your braids with bling! 

Includes rings, string, shells and cuffs and other braid bling accessories.


Color Poppin' Color Braid Extensions

Add a "pop" of color to your braids and twists.  Ombre available too!



Variety colors and shapes

Bead Designs (2).png

Bead Designs

Creative bead designs


Tangles Be Gone Detangling

Gently loosen matted, knotted or tangled hair without damage.

Braid & Scalp Cleansing for Extensions

Soothe and detoxify your scalp to remove dirt and excess oils that contribute to scalp irritation.  Leaves braids and twists smelling fresh. 

Braid Touch Up for Extensions

Perimeter Touch Up:  Braids are removed from perimeter and replaced.  Recommended for box braids and twists with extensions, to prevent breakage and damage.  Braid and Scalp Cleansing is included.

Remove Braids

Braids are removed from hair.

Trim Ends

Remove split ends and aid in proper hair growth.  This is not a haircut.