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Washing Hair in Salon

Hair & Scalp

We know the right treatment

can make you look—and feel—like a million dollars.

We are committed to only using top-of-the-line products for added luxury. Take a moment to pamper yourself.  Your hair will thank you for it. 

Salon Hair Dryers

Loc Detox

Give your lots a fresh new start!  Improve the overall appearance with this detoxifying treatment to remove residue and product build up.  Loc Detox also prevents mold and mildew. Recommended 2 to 3 times a year.


Hydrating Hot Oil Steam Treatment

This soothing Spa Treatment for your tresses, leaves your hair looking healthy and shiny.  With it's many benefits, like reducing dryness of both hair and scalp, stimulating blood flow to aid in hair growth, this treatment gives your tresses strength to prevent dry, brittle hair and split ends.


Moisture Mask Steam Treatment

Our Moisturizing Mask strengthens hair, while locking in intense moisture.  This highly penetrating treatment eases the detangling process and improves manageability.


Moisture Restore Swimmers Steam Treatment

Hair can become extremely dry, brittle and discolored due to the exposure to chlorine, hot tub and ocean water.  The Moisture Restore Treatment deeply penetrates and strengthens hair while locking in intense moisture.


Protein Steam Treatment

Protein Steam Treatment help eliminate shedding and breakage, by improving the strength and elasticity of your hair.  With proper regular use, hair becomes noticeably stronger and healthier.


Scalp Stimulation and Dandruff Treatment

This pre-shampoo treatment removes odor causing bacteria, excessive oils and helps to control dandruff.  Pairs well with the Rosemary and Mint Deep Conditioning Treatment, to quickly soften, detangle and soothes the scalp.  Ideal for itchy scalp and dry hair.


Rosemary & Mint Deep Conditioning Treatment

This treatment quickly penetrates and revitalizes the hair and scalp.  Calm and relax the scalp, while purifying the hair, leaving it soft and manageable.

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